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Senior DevOps Engineer - Open

Senior DevOps Engineer - Open

Smartia - Senior DevOps Engineer 

Smartia | Bristol and Bath Science Park, Bristol, UK
November 2019




Smartia - AI for industry
The future of industrial operations, from electric car manufacturing to renewable energy generation and anything in between, will be incredibly connected, transparent, intelligent and autonomous as companies try to produce more, quicker, at lower costs and better quality. At the heart of this transformation, also known as Industry 4.0, is the data generated by billions of industrial sensors and IoT devices. This data flows from machine to machine allowing them to communicate in real-time, is used to tell us about machine and process performance and ultimately feeds artificial intelligent models that unlock operational secrets related to trends and anomalies and let us automate repetitive tasks. Smartia is leading the charge in artificial intelligence solutions for industry.

We are building MAIO, an AI and data framework that is all about collecting industrial data from various assets and then unleashing the necessary analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning or cognitive work to predict equipment failures, streamline production processes and uncover the hidden trends in production processes. MAIO is the digital backbone that connects machines, people and artificial intelligence to help gain transparency and predictability of industrial operations.

The Smartians
We are a creative and ambitious bunch of engineers, hackers and entrepreneurs who love building awesome technology that can make a difference. Our skills range from robotics and AI to industrial manufacturing and software engineering and have worked for some of the largest organisations in these fields including Google, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Morgan Stanley and Ansys just to mention a few.

We have one clear vision and we are using all the tricks in the book to get there; we are highly collaborative, abuse the whiteboards, ask a lot of questions and we are continuously trying to simplify and clarify the steps needed to achieve our goals. We like to properly plan before executing, we create engineering design documents, architecture models, we prototype and only begin implementing once we reach consensus. We embrace change, we adapt as we walk the path and we strive to grow the team by hiring better, smarter people than us. We enjoy good, as well as bad jokes.

Where you come in
We have a wide tech stack which starts with moving data out of the factory using a gateway installed in the client’s premises, we then persist the data in a data lake and move it through various queues into specialized databases which make it easily accessible. A backend makes the data available to either a frontend where it can be explored by the user or to artificial intelligence services which train various machine learning models. We already use automated scripts to do cloud or on-premise deployments of the stack.

You would be our first dedicated DevOps, owning this space. You’d already have a background as a DevOps Engineer, SRE or SysAdmin, deploying virtualization and you have hands-on experience in network and storage. You should be comfortable coding, would understand automation tools, would be opinionated about security and would carry extensive knowledge about testing. You will be refining the deployment scripts that we have, add monitoring and alerting to our services. Day to day you would mature the CI/CD pipeline and would support with solutions to networking issues we face when deploying on various client networks.

Interesting technologies that we either use or we like a lot (in no specific order): Ansible, Vagrant, Proxmox, NiFi, MQTT, OPC-UA, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Druid, Kdb+ PostgreSQL, Git, Python, Django, Rust, Protocol Buffers, REST, RPC, React, GraphQL, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker.

- Flexible working hours and working from home on agreed days - because we really believe in work-life balance and we want you to be happy
- Training and development programs
- Health care insurance for the whole family
- Pension scheme
- Annual bonus scheme
- 24 vacation days (not including bank holidays)
- Company profit-sharing scheme

At Smartia we value diversity and foster an inclusive environment. We are committed to equal employment opportunity and we want to ensure that our recruitment process is accessible to everyone. If you have a disability or additional need that requires accommodation during the process, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Send us a short email with your CV to No recruiters at this stage please.