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September 02, 2019 | News | Back | Share Via

New Smartian - Dan Howarth, Senior Data Scientist

New Smartian - Dan Howarth, Senior Data Scientist

Smartia is pleased to welcome its newest member Dan Howarth, who has joined the Smartians team as a Senior Data Scientist.

Dan has over 15 years of experience working in the public, private and charity sectors, in Data Science, Strategy, and Business Development roles. He is a Chartered Management Accountant, and Governor and Chair of the Audit Committee at the City of Bristol College. He also likes to teach Data Science, including as part of the Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations Course at the University of Oxford.

When asked about his reasons for joining Smartia, Dan replied: “I believe there will be huge benefits in the development and adoption of artificial intelligence, but that it requires companies like Smartia to push adoption beyond ‘traditional’ technology companies. Making AI accessible is incredibly important, and I am excited to be joining a company that is focused on the manufacturing sector – where there are real productivity, cost and efficiency gains to be made – and that is developing products that can benefit both SMEs and large companies. I am looking forward to working for Smartia and with our customers to help them remain competitive by reducing costs and adding value to their operations.”

Welcome to the team Dan!