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January 04, 2019 | Announcements | Back | Share Via

New Smartian - Head of Software Development

New Smartian - Head of Software Development

Smartia Ltd is pleased to welcome its newest member Dr. DUAN Kewei, who has joined the Smartians team as the Head of Software Development.

Kewei has years of software, product development and management experience, working in the IT industry as well as in Academia. He has worked in the UK, Japan and China. Kewei gained his Computer Science PhD from University of Bath, UK.

When asked about his reasons for joining Smartia, Kewei replied: "AI and Big Data R&D opens up new opportunities, not only for the manufacturing and engineering industries, but also for a wide range of other interesting application areas. Smartia stands at the forefront of this new technology wave. It is an honour to work with the talents at Smartia to explore and conquer the new challenges that the world is facing."

Welcome to the team Kewei!