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August 19, 2019 | News | Back | Share Via

New Smartian - Michael Tinsley, Data Scientist

New Smartian - Michael Tinsley, Data Scientist

Smartia is pleased to welcome its newest member Michael Tinsley, who has joined the Smartians team as a Data Scientist.

Michael comes from a mathematical background culminating in a Batchelor of Science degree in Financial Mathematics from the MMU. He also recently obtained an MSC in Data Science from the University of Bath. Since graduating, Michael worked at one of the largest online retailers around today, where, he not only applied his data science skills, but also had the responsibility to understand the business problems and drivers as well as reporting to stakeholders. This experience has made Michael a very versatile and rounded application engineer, and a great addition to the Smartian team

"I'm looking forward to joining Smartia and to working in an extremely exciting field with a very knowledgeable team and established industry partners. With the quantity and variety of data being collected by IIoT devices, the scope for data science and machine learning solutions is vast, and within industrial applications, the potential efficiency gains, cost savings, and financial wins are huge. With the variety of potential projects, there are applications for state of the art methods and techniques, as well as using the newest technologies, which are the things that appeal to me within data science as a field and a career." Michael said on the reasons for joining Smartia.

Welcome to the team Michael!