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March 29, 2019 | News | Back | Share Via

New Smartian - Principal Software Architect

New Smartian - Principal Software Architect

Smartia is pleased to welcome its newest member Andrei Stingaceanu, who has joined the Smartians team as the Principal Software Architect.

Andrei has more than a decade of working experience in software engineering and design, has already been through a journey of being part of an acquired start-up and has spent more than 7 years working at Google in Ads Quality and Android Framework.

When asked about his reasons for joining Smartia, Andrei replied: "As the internet of things already generates massive amounts of data, artificial intelligence feels like a natural choice to make sense of this data. Smartia places itself right in the middle of this new world harnessing these technologies and driving digitisation of the manufacturing and engineering industries. It makes me very proud to be part of the artificial intelligence democratisation process and at the same time I felt honoured to be working in this team of very smart, energetic and visionary peers to disrupt and push industry to the next level."

Welcome to the team Andrei!