Industrial Intelligence Technology
Smartia provides scalable artificial intelligence solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights.

Shaping the future of Industrial operations

Our mission is to empower companies to evaluate and deploy the most effective industrial data and
artificial intelligence solutions, leading to insight, collaboration and connectivity.


A new dimension in industrial intelligence

MAIO is about collecting industrial data from various assets and then unleashing the necessary analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning or cognitive work to predict equipment failures and streamline production processes.

Your industrial assets hold “secrets” related to data correlations, trends, anomalies, deviations, root causes, and other key operational information. This lack of insight leads to lower quality rates and production inefficiencies. By analysing and presenting data for actionable use, companies improve business decisions.

MAIO was designed with this goal in mind.

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Helping industrial companies harness the power of AI.

"One size does not fit all". Our bespoke and consultative approach to automating and enhancing industrial operations allows us to deploy customised AI solutions that deliver tangible improvements to production efficiency, machine uptime, maintenance scheduling and quality control applications.

Source: Made Smarter Review, fall 2017, UK Government.

Providing the expertise in data science

  • Explore

    • Discuss current business challenges and priorities
    • Understand the data management ecosystem
    • Highlight strategically important areas of interest
    • Brainstorm potential demonstrator projects
  • Evaluate

    • Select feasible projects with high ROI probability
    • Develop a project team and plan
    • Execute projects
    • Review outcomes and final ROI
  • Execute

    • Extend the breadth and depth of projects
    • Evaluate further areas of interest
    • Develop a roll out plan
    • Execute enterprise release of technology

Collaborating towards a digital future