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Delivering Industrial Intelligence

Providing an end-to-end data and machine learning-as-a-service platform, enabling industrial enterprises to rapidly realise operational insights at scale.

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Make machine and operational intelligence a reality in industrial sectors

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Empower engineers to easily connect and transform operational data into actionable insights and machine intelligence.

Don't just take our word for it...

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“This specific project could potentially save industry millions of pounds.”
National Composites Centre

Richard Oldfield

CEO, National Composites Centre (NCC)

“We have found Smartia very easy to work with. They have not only brought a very high level of expertise in AI and machine learning to the table, but also made every effort to fully understand our very specialist application.”

Jon Martinez

Commercial Controls Manager, Airedale by Modine

“The work gives us the platform to deliver the £1m inventory reduction I have committed within our inventory forecast.”

Production Control and Planning Manager, Rolls-Royce

Industry leading Industrial Intelligence Solutions

Whether you are an operator, an engineer, a manager or a data scientist, MAIO will provide you with the tools you need to access the data and insights that matter to you, all within one convenient and intuitive framework.

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