Q2 2023

Deploy selected unsupervised machine learning model for anomaly detection on data sources.

Ability to provide assign role based access control (RBAC) across assets to provide customers with granular authorisation.

Q3 2023

Interact with the data sources to label your anomalies in MAIO

Deploy supervised machine learning model for anomaly detection on data sources,

Q4 2023

Train your own ML model for anomaly-detection on data sources,

Q1 2024

Use natural language processing to interact with MAIO

Availability of connections to 3rd party data sources for ML model interaction
Our vision is that as Industry 4.0 matures customers will build large data lakes to contain data from a multitude of assets and activities. These will be made to specialist providers to add value to the data within their specialism. We want to open up the platforms AI/ML capabilities to those customers. We will be working to add connectivity to common data locations and sources.