23rd May 2019

May 23, 2019
The IoT Tribe North 2019 start-ups are ready for you!

After the recent Asian expedition and London success, the IoT Tribe start-ups will be showcasing their progress at the Digital Media Centre - Barnsley for the last time.

Join us for the 'IoT Tribe North- The Director's Cut', the Demo Day event hosted by IoT Tribe, the world's best accelerator for IoT (Internet of Things) start-ups.

Come and hear about their exciting tech businesses and products.

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16.00 Registration

16.30 Welcome from IoT Tribe & DMC

16.45 Fireside chat: Shirley Harrison, Community Engagement Manager ARMC

17.00 Cast member Panel 1 Moderated by Phill White

Mike Folkes - Ioetec

Asim Majid - Smartia

Leonid Zhebrak - Optirail

Roman Tyan - Anyway

17.20 Cast members Panel 2 Moderated by Ceri Batchelder

Vihtori Lehtonen- Missing Link

Jose Camera - Triditive

Dr Noukhez Ahmed - HMU

Larry Poon - Imont

17.40 Fireside chat: Leo Scott-Smith, Founder, Tended

17.55 Closing remarks. Tracey Johnson

18.00 Meet the Tribe: visit the Tribe stands & the Tribal Village facility

Party, Awards, Nibbles and a lot of Networking

19.30 Carriages

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