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August 28, 2019 | News | Back | Share Via

New Smartian - Tymoteusz Paul, Senior Python Engineer

New Smartian - Tymoteusz Paul, Senior Python Engineer

Smartia is pleased to welcome its newest member Tymoteusz Paul, who has joined the Smartians team as a Senior Python Engineer.

Tymoteusz is a Bristol based IT entrepreneur and a father of two. He has, for almost two decades of his life, worked on a huge variety of IT and software development projects, covering many different industries. He has worked with companies that are at the cutting edge of technology and others that are just starting to adopt new methods. As well as software and IT, Tymoteusz also has a passion for law and is just finishing his second year of studies. His particular interest is in IP and copyright law, and could be a criminal barrister in the making. Tymoteusz enjoys speaking at conferences especially on upcoming technologies using his well known no-nonsense pragmatism to describe the latest and greatest.

"Joining Smartia has given me the opportunity to apply my skills in the manufacturing sector that I haven’t had a chance to do before. Automated and self-aware factories are no longer ideas for the future, they are being developed now, and I couldn't pass the opportunity to be involved in this area. A choice that was made a lot easier, when I met the fantastic guys behind it, and heard about the culture surrounding the company.” Tymoteusz explained, when asked about the reasons for joining Smartia.

Welcome to the team Tymoteusz!