Smartia exhibiting at the UK in Japan Virtual Exhibition

February 5, 2021


UK Exhibitor List

Among the European countries, the UK is one of the countries that has produced the most advanced and innovative start-up companies in the field of smart manufacturing. Behind this is the fact that there are many world-class universities in the UK, and joint research with companies has been actively promoted in a fulfilling environment with the support of the government. As a result, it is possible to create many attractive technologies. UK smart manufacturing technology, supported by many start-ups with such innovative technologies, is helping to make manufacturing sites smarter.

At this virtual exhibition, 25 companies carefully selected by the British government from these start-up companies will exhibit. It's a great opportunity to interact directly with these companies in a virtual space just like a real exhibition. We are confident that we can provide cutting-edge technology that meets your needs and contributes to business development.

Why you can't miss this exhibition:

- You can interact directly with 25 UK companies across 6 disciplines, carefully selected by the UK government based on Japanese market needs, without having to travel to the UK.
- You can interact with UK companies in a variety of ways, including live chat, virtual meetings, and email, and feel free to discuss technical issues .
- With a wealth of examples, you can understand how technical solutions can contribute to your business .
- Your convenience at a good timing visited the booth of each company, the video and presentations through , will be able to understand the technology and its success stories provided by the British company.
- Using the interpreter service, you can have a discussion and a question and answer session without any misunderstandings.


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