Smartia Webinar - Industrial AI & IOT in practice

March 24, 2021

Online Web Meeting

24th Mar 2021

12:00 to 13:00


A look at,

- How AI and IOT are being used by manufacturing organisations today

- What are the quantifiable benefits

- What are the challenges that need to be overcome

- How to improve the chances of a successful deployment

- What may happen if you do nothing and continue business as usual.

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12:00 - Introductions
12:05 - Smartia - Rory Gold - Smart Robotics
12:20 - National Composite Centre - Jonathan Butt - Connected Factory
12:35 - Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd - Jon Martinez - Smart Products
12:50 - Q&A
13:00 - Close


Rory Gold, Smartia. Data Scientist

Jonathan Butt, National Composite Centre.  Principal Research Engineer- Automation

Jon Martinez, Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd?.  Commercial Controls Manager

About Smartia

A new dimension in industrial intelligence, Smartia provides scalable AI solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights. MAIO, Smartia’s industrial intelligence platform combines edge computing, big data technology and AI-driven applications to provide a complete digital solution for the manufacturing and engineering industries. Smartia also offers an AI and Machine Learning application development service that is tailored to the customer’s needs. For more information visit

About National Composite Centre (NCC)

The NCC brings together dynamic companies and enterprising academics to develop new technologies for the design and rapid manufacture of high-quality composite products. The combination of academic and business strengths is speeding progress from laboratory to design to factory and into products. For more information visit

About Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd

Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, we are experts in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership. We help select optimum specifications tailored to your application and provide support which enables you to manage your cooling system for best performance. For more information visit  

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